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Welcome to the home of the Finch and Softbill Save (FSS) program. Finch and Softbill Save is a conservation program established by the National Finch and Softbill Society to help preserve finch and softbill species kept in captivity in the United States and Canada.

The FSS program allows participants to record their data in an online database. This data is used to generate a studbook and to analyze breeding statistics in order to help generate a species profile. The system also provides networking capabilities to allow breeders to find each other, exchange bloodlines, and communicate, while protecting privacy if privacy is desired.

All species of finches and softbills that can be legally kept in captivity in the US and Canada are included in the program, with the exception of zebra finches, society finches, gouldian finches, and java rice finches, which are already well-established in aviculture. Birds entered in the program must be banded. Closed bands are recommended for domestically bred birds, but open numbered bands are acceptable when closed bands are not possible.

There is no fee to join FSS, but you must be an NFSS member in good standing. To join the NFSS, please visit their website at

To join Finch and Softbill Save, please register here. After registering, your information will be verified against NFSS membership data. Once verified, you will be able to participate in the program.

Thank you for your interest in this conservation program. For more information, please review the program guidelines. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact the FSS Director

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TIP: Do not use the Browser's Back button to navigate pages in the application. Using the Back button may cause unsaved changes to a form to be lost and may return you to a location in the program you did not intend. Always use the controls provided by the web page's interface to move from one area of the program to another. Always save a form before navigating away using the menu. Data is not saved until you click on the Save button.

DISCLAIMER: The data collected by Finch and Softbill Save is the property of the NFSS and will be used to guide the Conservation effort. The NFSS and its volunteers are not responsible for lost or stolen data. Participants should keep their own copy of their breeding data (either by printing out relevant data or by maintaining their own record system locally). The NFSS reserves the right to shut down the program at any time.
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